San Antonio/Corpus Christi Presenting Teams
Xavier and Pilar Moreno

Contact Xavier and Pilar Moreno Email Phone: 210-687-4411

Scott and Joan Troutman

Contact Scott and Joan Troutman Email Phone: 210-865-2939

Richard and Liz Ebertowski

Contact Richard and Liz Ebertowski Email Phone: 361-331-8555

Tom and Beth Jarzombek

Contact Tom and Beth Jarzombek Email Phone: 210-362-1285

Father Bill Zapalac

Contact Father Bill Zapalac Email Phone: 210-863-6262

David and Sylvia Gonzalez

Contact David and Sylvia Gonzalez Email Phone: 210-872-2604

Father Joe Rasky

Contact Father Joe Rasky Email Phone: 210-436-3495

Dick and Ellen Novak

Contact Dick and Ellen Novak Email Phone: 830-515-9351

Sergio and Berenice delaCruz

Contact Sergio and Berenice delaCruz Email Phone: 210-702-0686

Larry and Jane Zimmermann

Contact Larry and Jane Zimmermann Email Phone: 210-621-7659

Wally and Pat Closner

Contact Wally and Pat Closner Email Phone: 210-887-9180

Peter and Letti Hudson