Community - Community Events

After Your weekend, there are several Worldwide Marriage Encounter community social events available to you and your family throughout the year.  Belonging to a WWME community is like having an extended family; people who genuinely care about you and are there to share your good times and walk with you during your troubled times.  We invite you to join us and get connected!

Family Christmas Party

Every year, we come together as a Worldwide Marriage Encounter family to celebrate Christmas. This is a time to reconnect with friends from all over the San Antonio and Corpus Christi area. Our families especially love this holiday tradition of food, music and games.

We just celebrated the past year's event with a great turnout and lots of fun.  This year's party was held at  the Oblate Renewal Center. There were crafts, games and plenty of treats.  Thanks to everyone who helped and attended.

Community Enrichments

The San Antonio and Corpus Christi community offers community enrichments for couples who wish to renew the excitement of their weekend in addition to Share Circles.  Strengthen and enrich your couple relationships through shared experiences and personal couple time.  These events are open to anyone who has attended a Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend.  Come give your relationship a “boost”!